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On-Going Learning Programs

Would one day of training in customer service be enough to change your organization? Would a one-day workshop on management development be enough to empower your leaders? We think not. We prefer to focus on the on-going process of learning. It is this central component that is needed to build a solid foundation of accountability. Our goal is to develop and deliver programs that ensure performance and accountability are present. In addition to getting some “smoking” training, we provide a format that addresses repeatable sets of principles and tools that are easy to practice and implement. We facilitate your team and assist them to uncover the personal and organizational obstacles to making change happen.

Corporate University

Don’t let the name fool you! Often people think “Big, Daunting, and Expensive Institution”. Some may think that it is simply the renaming of the “Training Department”. Our belief is that it is neither. We believe that developing a corporate university is the key to making on going learning successful and we view it as an opportunity to create a legacy in any organization. It is a way of Branding the learning in your organization in a way that it is easily recognized and always respected.

A Corporate University is an opportunity to strategically align learning by integrating the development and growth of people with their performance as individuals and teams. It becomes the invisible thread that binds the organization to their customers, to each other, and to their goals with the efforts of building a respected and educated leadership team.

Universities can be created around numerous goals and concepts. Some Universities are created as a result of their goals, where others were created as a result of Change Management. Management of companies seek out Universities to maximize the potential of their existing leaders and use it as an invaluable tool to develop tomorrow’s leaders. Other companies may be focussed on their business growth or on their customer interactions. Some companies just want to assist their employees develop new skills and perfect their old ones. Universities can be focussed or broad in their endeavours. What is key to making one successful is a strong belief in learning, a commitment to others, and a desire to excel.

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